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How to generate a QR code?

To create a QR code for a page, tap the three dots menu, Share, then QR Code.
Similar to how you would normally view a website in Chrome on iOS, hit the Share icon,
scroll down to the Create A QR Code option, and then tap Done (Figure C).

What is a QR code and how does it work?

Similar to store barcodes, a QR code functions similarly.
Each QR code is made up of black squares and dots that stand in for various kinds of data.
The barcode's distinctive pattern turns into data that can be read by humans when it is scanned.

This transaction takes place instantly.

Can I generate a QR code for free?

Yes. For users of smartphones and other mobile devices, our website is quick and straightforward to use.
To create a QR code, you only need to launch the QR code generator, enter your desired link,
select a style and color, and download the file.

Do QR codes expire?

A QR code doesn't actually "expire." They are merely a matrix of squares with information,
much like static QR codes. However, dynamic QR codes have the potential to expire because
they can be programmed to reroute any updated information at certain times.